Event Management did for the Science Tech Fiesta 2015

An awesome Event Management was done in the last year for the GD Goenka Science Tech Fiesta 2015. It’s the successful event which is organized by the Future Tech Events and Promos, one of the biggest tech fiestas with more audiences. There were many stalls designed in a systematic way and the entry gate was made fabulously with many cutouts and lights. It proves the talent of the Corporate Event Planner. Corporate Event Managements are the favorite works of our team and over the year, we had conducted several such events. The flow of events was in such a way that at starting only it enlighten the atmosphere. The food court and the creative counter enhanced the event.










So if you are planning to conduct any of such events, then just leave those tasks to us. Event Organisers can do it in the best possible ways. So you don’t need to waste your time in making the arrangements or designing the stall, manpower etc. Instead of it, take a research on the event modules for your better performance. Our Event Management Company is deep rooted in the areas where others fail. So soon leave your enquiries via phone call or emails.

How to conduct effective Stall fabrication?

Stall fabrication is one of the corporate events which is required every organization today. It can be conducted in a superb way with the help a Corporate Event Planner. One such testimony was the Diamond TMT stall which is designed and fabricated by the Future Tech Event & Promos. They show their creativity in two cities in Gujarat, India (at Ahmadabad and Surat City). It was such an awesome event which wins the hearts of the competitors as well. The hectic tasks which are involved in Event Management are done by us. So that the companies can give more focus on the event preparation.








So the Event Organisers are the big relief in many aspects. Future tech Events are the expert in conducting Stall fabrication and designing over the years. The well qualified, dedicated team will work behind for bringing the success. According to the client’s requirements, the event planners will display it and it should be visible by each and everyone is all angles. So leave the anxieties to us. We can convert those worries to valuable results. The uniqueness in this stall easily catches crowd. So our Event Management Company will definitely be proud for the same.







Why the Event Organisers Are Special?

Event Organisers are the most praised services that we utilise nowadays.  Managing events are one of the hardest tasks that we deal with earlier. For the events like Wedding, Corporate and Entertainment, they made their strong stand by effective event planning. They are the professional group of people with the right management principles. We are ignorant about the Event Management procedures and somehow we don’t know the current market stands. Suppose if we handle an event by our own risk and made it a success, but once we look at the overall cost we spent, it was above our budget limits. So the event planners are cost effective service providers in those aspects, they will not cross the budget boundaries.

Wedding Organisers - Futuretechevents
Wedding Organisers
wedding organisers
wedding organisers

Wedding Planners nowadays organises glorious weddings like Designer Weddings, Royal Wedding, Destination Weddings and Religious Weddings etc. They can bring all the necessary requirements like wedding invitation card designs, photography, caterings, music groups, dance groups, decorators, transportation facilities, accommodation facilities for the guests and much more. Wedding Organisers make us feel relaxed in the event moments. We only need to enjoy the moments; they will do the rest. Because of their strong managing abilities, they become the favourites of everyone. Now if we take a count, 8 out of 10 weddings are managed by them.  So soon avail the services of Event Management Company.

Excellence in Stall fabrication for Changi Lights

Corporate Event Planner does the brand promotional activities more attractive than anyone else. The award-winning Stall Fabrication works has been done for Changi Lights on Sarjanam 2015 by Future Tech Events & Promos. It was the most an awesome event moments that was organized by our entire crew. People have a font of it and watch it like a great piece of art. Great responses and appreciations flooded by the crowd present over there. Changi Lights offered different types and kinds of lights. The stall was designed in such a way that the products were completely visible to the crowd. Various types and design of lights was seen in the display. With us, the Event Management is the easier task whether it’s a corporate event or entertainment event or even the weddings.







Event Organizers provide the necessary services according to the budget you can provide. They are also experts in bringing the best on low budgets as well. This stall was so unique when compared to the others in that exhibition. The satisfaction of our clients makes us the trusted Event Management Company so far. Other than stall fabrication, we do most of the events like product and property launches, seminars, conferences, meetings, branding and promotional events, award functions etc. We are one of the top Event Management Company in surat city.

Effective Product Launch & Promotional Activity

Corporate Event Planner provides the best service all the time. They are the most valuable solution when we think about an event. Accelerate Speed, Sharp Turns, Curvy Body, the big roar of HONDA CB HORNET 160R was launched in Surat in the month of January by Future Tech Events & Promos. It was an amazing occasion which can bring lots of appreciation. On 16th and 17th Jan, the product launch was done at VR Mall, Surat and on 23rd and 24th Jan; the promotional activity was done at Rahul Raj Mall, Surat. Event Management is not just a task; it’s an art. And the team future tech events were mastered in it. With this product launch, the new Honda bike got a nice introduction. The people in surat city accepted it as their favorite as well.







Event Organisers made their unique quality which is perfection on every event they attend. Once we hand over a task to them, then we don’t need to worry about how it would be. They will coordinate and bring all the necessary things which are needed for the event. The product launches of HONDA CB HORNET 160R got great responses from the crowd and it shows the launching was truly a success by our team. Our Event Management Company always offers innovative event planning services.

Our Stall Fabrication Works for Atul Bakery

Stall Fabrication is one of the most demanding services which are done by Corporate Event Planner. In the Food Tech Asia 2015, the Atul Bakery takes a smart lead among their competitors with their amazing uniqueness. It’s so lovable like a loaf of soft bread, creamy cake with a cherry topping, different styles of food, and one famous brand – Atul Bakery. The stall was designed and fabricated by Future Tech Event & Promos so fabulously; the Event Management was so excellent. It has the best display of products and the branding itself highlights the creativity of the Event Organisers.


stall-fabrication-corporate-event-planner-2  stall-fabrication-corporate-event-planner-4



Our strong, talented and dedicated group of professionals works behind this award-winning stall and make it unique from others. Team Atul Bakery always proud for such an innovative stall they got and their brand name reaches more heights. Event Management Company can do their best in every situation your organization is going through. So whether it’s a road show, a seminar or conference or may be a live concert you are planning to conduct, just give a call to the Future Tech Events. We will appear with the right solutions. We had already done more than 700 events which come under, wedding, corporate and entertainments. So we made our strong market stand as best Event management in Surat for more than 10 years.

Attractive Wedding Planner Services

Wedding Planners are the group of people that we can trust upon. They provide innovative event organising facilities for every kind of events. Some of the wedding types organised by them are Destination Weddings, Designer Weddings, and Religious and cast oriented Weddings etc. One of the famous cast related weddings is Brahmin weddings. We only need to explain our requirements to the Wedding Organisers; rest is done by them neatly.  They can gather every service under a single platform. Some of the most necessary marriage event requirements are catering services, music groups, dance groups, transportation facilities, wedding card design selection and wedding cakes, celebrity appearance etc.

Wedding Planners - FutureTechEvents
Wedding Planners – FutureTechEvents
Wedding Organisers
Wedding Organisers

Event Management is a difficult task for most of us. It gets, even more, tuff when it are busy with our job schedules. So now we have the opportunity to skip it directly and give those to the best Event Organisers in our city. Let them take all the risks. We only need to give our presents in events and enjoy the moments they made for us. The Event Management Companies these days also organise events which come under corporate and entertainments. The Corporate Event Planners soon becomes the most useful services by every company who organise events even for branding purposes. So if you are an organisation and require some event management, just pick your phone and call them.

Perfection of Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners made their trust even more strong with their perfection in management. We feel safe when we assign them the tasks and they can manage it even more brilliantly. From every event aspects, they are showing their uniqueness. Wedding Organisers arrange the A-Z event needs with their own style. They can gather all the services like wedding invitations cards, wedding caterings, singers, dance groups, decorators, transportation facilities, and accommodation facilities for guests, celebrity appearances and much more.  They were organizing most of the events which come under family events like Birthday events, Family Get-together, Wedding Anniversaries parties etc.

Wedding Planners - Futuretechevents
Wedding Planners – Futuretechevents

Wedding Organisers Surat

Wedding Planner Surat - Futuretechevents
Wedding Planner Surat

Event Management is one of the best services that are also utilized by companies as well. If your organization is planning to conduct an event for branding, then just find your nearest Corporate Event Planner. They have the appropriate solution for your event requirements. They mostly conduct the events like inaugurations, stall fabrications, seminars, conferences and meetings, award ceremonies, talk shows, product launches, property launches etc. Event Organisers are the group of talented professionals who provide the excellent event solutions. Finding them is also an easier task. Just have a search online and you will get the list of the top service providers. Enquire them and get your job done.

Things to know before you call a Wedding Planner

As we all know that Wedding Planners offers attractive Wedding Event Managements. But have you ever thought about why they are really required? Well if we ask this question to ten people, everyone has their own unique answers. But as a conclusion, we can get to know that there are some similar points that everyone love to say.  With Wedding Organisers, most of them stay relaxed on the event moments. They feel like they were in the safest hands. It’s the main driving force behind us to call them. The Event Organisers stretch their wings to almost every event which comes in weddings, corporate and entertainments today.

Wedding Planners
Wedding Planners

Event Management becomes the best-preferred services pretty soon. This talented, educated, energetic group of people can control and coordinate every necessary element according to the needs. So before you call an Event Management Company, you need to prepare a list of services which is required in your event. Such as caterings, transportation facilities, celebrity appearance, dance and music, welcome hostess etc. They can offer the best services according to the budget limitations. So our job ends there and their job starts there, so we are free from all the event stresses and we can concentrate more on the event success.  If your organisation is planning to conduct any events, then call the Corporate Event Planner soon.

Corporate Event Planner in Surat

Corporate Event Planners are the solution for most of the companies nowadays. Event Planning was one of the difficult tasks that most of us facing earlier. With the coming of such groups, those got lighter and we can have more time to concentrate on event modules. Event Management groups are skilled professionals who can serve all the necessary services under one roof. They handle almost every corporate event like Meetings, Conferences, Inaugurations, product and property launches, stall fabrication, branding and promotions, road shows, exhibitions etc. So if your organisation is going to organise any of such events, seek the Event Organisers in your city.

Event Organisers - Futuretechevents.in
Event Organisers – Futuretechevents.in
Corporate Event Management
Corporate Event Management

Their services are not only restricted to corporate events, but also for entertainments events. The companies these days give some more priority on conducting entertainment events like talk shows, live concerts, bike studs, Etc. Other than these all events, the Wedding Planner is having their strong hand on various weddings like religious weddings, destination weddings, Birthday parties, Wedding Anniversaries etc. So if any of such events is going to conduct in your family, just find them by having a search over internet and contact them. Event Management Companies are offering attractive management with the limited budgets as well. So let’s utilize the services.