Excellence in Stall fabrication for Changi Lights

Corporate Event Planner does the brand promotional activities more attractive than anyone else. The award-winning Stall Fabrication works has been done for Changi Lights on Sarjanam 2015 by Future Tech Events & Promos. It was the most an awesome event moments that was organized by our entire crew. People have a font of it and watch it like a great piece of art. Great responses and appreciations flooded by the crowd present over there. Changi Lights offered different types and kinds of lights. The stall was designed in such a way that the products were completely visible to the crowd. Various types and design of lights was seen in the display. With us, the Event Management is the easier task whether it’s a corporate event or entertainment event or even the weddings.







Event Organizers provide the necessary services according to the budget you can provide. They are also experts in bringing the best on low budgets as well. This stall was so unique when compared to the others in that exhibition. The satisfaction of our clients makes us the trusted Event Management Company so far. Other than stall fabrication, we do most of the events like product and property launches, seminars, conferences, meetings, branding and promotional events, award functions etc. We are one of the top Event Management Company in surat city.

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